General Airsoft Event Information

Operation Vigilance 12 - Apocalypse Paintball
Poynette, WI

Operation Vigilance is a Wisconsin airsoft event themed after modern conflict. In this simulated war, forces of the Russian Expeditionary Force (REF) and the Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA) will go head to head and battle over objectives.


Here are just some of the features of this event…

-Props and special effects to enhance gameplay
-Armored vehicles, role players, and dedicated commanders
-Limited edition printed kill rags for the first 100 registered players
-A free spaghetti dinner on Sunday
-A giveaway with prizes!
-Onsite registration, airsoft safety course, and night game on Saturday
-Main airsoft scenario takes place on Sunday from 10am to 5pm

For more detailed information, please visit the Event Details section.

***NEW FOR 2017: We are pleased to announce some new administrative changes that the event series is undergoing! The event staff has been expanded, the rules have been updated to bring them more in line with some of the mil-sim style events in the midwest, and a brand new email ( has been made for the Op that will help facilitate faster communication with the players of the event.

***IMPORTANT GOGGLE INFO!: Apocalypse Paintball no longer allows wire mesh or safety glasses to be worn on their field. Full face masks for 17- and full seal goggles for 18+ are required to play. If you don't show up with the proper eye protection, you don't play! ***

***SAFETY COURSE FOR MINORS: Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have completed an airsoft safety course in order to play in this event. The MAA BATC (Minnesota Airsoft Association Basic Airsoft Training Course) or a WAA AEC (Wisconsin Airsoft Association Airsoft Evaluation Course) would fulfill this requirement. The field, Apocalypse Paintball, is requiring a safety course for all players under 18. If you have taken one, you are good to go... if not, please plan on attending a safety course. Please check out the event details page for more info on the safety course provided at this event.

The event waivers are available online. Here are the two waivers required for this event.

Lupine Productions Waiver

Apocalypse Paintball Waiver

If you have any questions about the event, email us at


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